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Increasing your staff numbers, and upskilling and expanding capabilities, can unleash better business results by improving collaboration between yourself and your executive support workforce. Through Osander’s workshops and coaching, you can benefit from a long-lasting and successful leader-assistant relationship which thrives on productive communication. 


Upskilling ProgramME



It’s one thing to search and recruit the right assistant talent to meet your needs. It’s another thing to ensure an ongoing successful relationship with your Executive Assistant. Our coaching sessions have been specifically tailored to grant you maximum value with regards to your newly-hired assistant. Our unique methodology, based on decades of shared experience, streamlines and standardises the all-important leader-assistant collaboration and communication structure. It also improves the motivation and retention of your Executive Assistant. 



So many meetings and so much frustration. The cost of meetings in the United States amounts to USD1,4 trillion per year – not taking into consideration the indirect costs / lost opportunity costs. So meetings represent one of the largest unidentified line iterms in an organisation budget. 


Leaders are always striving to improve productivity and to lead their teams to peak performance. Meetings can be productive and meaningful when planned and prepared thoughtfully.  

To improve meeting quality we offer productivity workshops for administrative executive assistants because we know that attaining true productivity is about systems, not just people. To make a real impact on meeting performance, one must work at the system level. When leaders align on meeting guidelines and work templates, productivity and efficiency are improved at the organisational level.


Having your entire leadership commit to the same meeting culture implemented by the organisation’s executive assistants, creates synergy, value, and positive ripple effects throughout the organisation.



This workshop strives to provide you with a better understanding of what exactly an executive assistant is, and how you can leverage such a resource to best match your needs. The scope of duties undertaken by executive assistants, be they were sourced through Osander or are already current employees of your company, are in today’s fast-paced business world more nuanced than those traditionally fulfilled by secretaries. 

This tailored workshop 
will help you welcome a new era of executive support and it will inspire and encourage your executive assistants to realise their full potential. 

Hiring a high-performance executive assistant is like hiring both a personally-dedicated COO and project manager rolled into one. On top of the organisational insights of a traditional secretary, executive assistants are equipped to optimise and liberate a leader’s time, spreading an effective and productive work culture through the organisation, whilst enabling a leader’s strategic vision.

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