Need Professional Support With Calendar And Admin Tasks?

We at Osander specialise in the boutique fulfillment of C-suite support roles, including Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants. As Denmark’s leading provider of this niche service, our candidate base and pipeline comprise the best talent on the market.

All of our candidates are already well-accustomed to the needs of corporate executives, vice presidents and other high-profile individuals. By matching our clients with their ideal executive assistants, we help global business leaders lighten their daily workload, increase their meeting efficiency, and streamline their time management. 

Why should you get an Executive Assistant?

They streamline and
handle leader time

They improve
meeting efficiency

They handle
admin work

The Benefits of Executive Assistant Talent

Ready to hire your company's next
executive assistant?

We'll help you overcome the challenges of finding the best talent to meet your specific needs

On-site Executive Assistant

Search, assessment and onboarding

Virtual Executive Assistant

Subscription-based remote 1:1 service

Osander provides clients with dedicated on-site support, whilst our sister company, myVEA, offers virtual executive assistance. Based on each client’s individual needs we guide leaders toward the optimal support setup. 

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