We are a Copenhagen-based boutique recruitment agency specialising in search and placement of C-level support roles. We enable productive leadership through the tailored provision of stellar Executive Assistants and strategic Executive Advisors

Drive high-performance culture for your senior leaders through 1-1 executive assistant support on subscription according to the volume needed.

our Executive Assistant Support Ecosystem

We help corporate business leaders search, attract & upskill the best executive support talent. 

Find your Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant Search

I need support with
admin and calendar tasks.

People is the most important ressource

Executive Advisor Search

I need strategic
management support.

Office Manager

Office Manager Search

I need my office to run smoothly and effectively.

Virtual Expertise

Virtual Executive Assistant Support

I need a part-time or interim human executive assistant on subscription.

Connecting your staff and people

Talent Pipeline Services

I need to source new executive assistant talent at short notice on a regular basis.

Grow your staff skillset

Workshops and Coaching

I need our executive assistants to standardise and digitise their ways of working.

how we search your Compatible candidates


A niche expert from our team will help you to outline your needs and your ideal candidate profile.


Search & screening

We carefully search and screen candidates via LinkedIn and through our Talent Pipeline.


Referencing & Assessment

We analyse candidate suitability with extensive work simulations and 360° referencing.


Presentation & Appraisals

You'll be presented with 2-3 compatible candidates within 3-5 weeks.


right match guaranteed

We provide a 6-month guarantee and onboarding services with method and best practices.


While you focus on transformation,
we focus on finding your support staff

Find your staff fast

As niche recruiters, We hire quickly

We save our client’s time and money by sourcing the ideal candidates in our pre-assessed talent pool, thereby ensuring fast access to the best executive assistants available.


Find the right executive. Check

We ensure you get the right match

Every executive is different. We put an emphasis on finding candidates with a skill set and personality that matches the executive’s leadership style, thus ensuring their mutual success.


Onboarding and helping

We help with the onboarding of your talent

We provide valuable insights on how to establish and leverage a strategic partnership with your new executive assistant.


Osander and myVEA

Osander and myVEA, One Common Purpose

Osander and myVEA are sister brands with a shared purpose: to enable great leadership. Osander is privileged to continue matching exceptional leaders with exceptional on-site Executive Assistants and strategic Executive Advisors. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, however, working practices have been forever reshaped, and remote work is now considered commonplace in the corporate world. As a forward-thinking company, we founded myVEA – a specialised virtual shared service center – designed to help leaders realise their full potential through 1:1 virtual executive assistance, technology and productivity data.