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We work hard every day to help organizations find and attract the best talent within the Executive support field. We deliver long-lasting relationships and experiences that enable our clients release their leadership potential.

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The productive C-suite inner circle support team Management need to balance multiple priorities including the Now and the Future. When leaders delegate and collaborate with their assistants, their productivity increases by around 20-25%.

Osander and myVEA, two brands, one common purpose: to enable great leadership.

Osander came into being when our founder worked as an executive assistant herself in the global container logistics company A.P. Moller – Maersk. Executives were frequently reaching out to her for help in vetting suitable candidates for executive support roles.
“As a prior executive assistant, I learned that the match and the chemistry between an executive and her/his assistant was really important in order to achieve a successful and strategic collaboration. I never chose to work for a brand, I always chose to work for a person – a leader. A visionary leader who inspired me by their vision, values, integrity, and their drive. The effect of strong and inspiring leadership has far-reaching consequences, and this fascinates me. The way employees do their jobs is greatly influenced by the cues they receive from above. Strong and efficient leaders affect thousands of other people’s engagement and work spending millions of hours and capital to run companies successfully. When people have faith in their leader, they are in a better frame of mind on the whole. Good leadership creates a happy and engaged tribe – and this is the purpose with Osander and with myVEA – to enable that. We can help leverage great leaders by offering stellar executive assistant support to the benefit of not only the executive but entire organisations. The pursuit of business leaders’ productivity is healthy and worthwhile.”
Betina Osander