Job Opportunity:

Executive Assistant to President & CEO at H. Lundbeck A/S

Osander ApS is recruiting on behalf of H. Lundbeck A/S

The company

Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company based in Copenhagen, tirelessly dedicated to restoring brain health, so every person can be their best.

We offer a great workplace based on a flat structure, an informal and collaborative working environment based on respect and equality. We employ dedicated colleagues, encourage continuous development, and have a culture where each employee is respected and valued. Together, we create the ideal conditions for you and your job, so we can create better conditions for our patients.

The purpose

Our purpose is to restore brain health so every person can be their best.

The science and innovation in neuroscience are rapidly evolving, and Lundbeck is uniquely positioned to play a key role in bringing forth transformative treatments. Knowing the brain and advocating for brain health is at the very heart of Lundbeck’s purpose. We have a long heritage of working to understand the brain and discovering medicines that make a difference to the quality of life for the people we treat.

The ambition is to become number #1 in Brain Health by 2030, so that we are well positioned to continue serving people with brain health conditions for years to come.

Who and what will you be a part of?

Currently, we are recruiting for a new Executive Assistant (EA) to be part of the CEO Office, consisting of the CEO (Deborah Dunsire), her Business Manager and the EA. You will be part of a team where close collaboration is key. As EA, you will get a unique opportunity to work closely with Executive Management in an international and fast-paced environment. You will be close to strategic decision-making and be part of a dynamic team.  This role represents Lundbeck’s CEO as a first contact for parties internally or externally, from highest level government and industry leaders, to the most junior employees at Lundbeck and carries the responsibility to create the  type of interactions that will appropriately reflect the values of the CEO and Lundbeck.

What will you be working with?

In addition to supporting the CEO, you will also organize all meetings and events for the Executive Management team (EM). EM all report to the CEO and have the following roles: CFO, Head of Business Development and Strategy, Head of Commercial Operations (including global strategic marketing and all sales affiliates outside US), Head of US, Head of R&D, Head of Product Development & Supply and Chief People and Communication Officer. You will work with different tasks, and we can guarantee that no two days are alike. As EA to the CEO, you will, in addition to calendar and travel management, also plan and coordinate Board meetings in cooperation with internal stakeholders.

Further, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a great, experienced team of EAs who support our Executive Management team and help plan and coordinate corporate events, internal and external meetings, workshops, the annual Summer and Christmas parties and many other types of meetings.


Primary Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manage administration and operations for the CEO, i.e., providing holistic and integrated day-to-day support. Proactively solve problems with little supervision or direction, handling the non-essential tasks and distractions that may keep the CEO from focusing on high priorities.

  • Handle a complex, often changing CEO calendar of appointments. Proactively review and prepare for the short-term and long-term. Ensure that the CEO is well-prepared with all materials, pre-reads, and information in a timely manner before meetings. Manage the CEO’s time with an analytical and proactive approach and handle changes with a calm manner. Developing insight into how to prioritize among the many demands on the CEO time through understanding the content and implications of the requests for time is essential.

  • Coordinate travel from A to Z. Ensure that the CEO is well-prepared with all materials ahead of travel, meetings and events. Be available as an emergency lifeline to support and handle travel

  • Proactive inbox management. Research incoming issues that need more background, identify those that require urgent action, as well as those that you or others can complete in the team.

  • Help prepare and participate in and facilitate the smooth running of regular EM meetings together with the CEO’s Business Manager.

  • Work as a member of the planning team for the annual Global Leadership Summit. Attend the meeting to support the CEO and ad hoc EM business needs during the meeting. This may include international travel.

  • Help prepare the Board meetings in Lundbeck – both the internal ones and the yearly strategy seminar. Manage the board members expense reporting and help facilitate their travel and hotels bookings when necessary. Support board members ad hoc business needs when with the board. Plan and attend the board strategy off site meeting once per year. This may include international travel.

  • Plan and implement business rhythm activities, including the annual wheel activities. Manage internal administrative procedures using corporate internal systems and tools to ensure consistency and administrative stability.

  • Prepare budgets for the CEO office and for the Board of Directors and liaise with Finance on the follow-up.

  • As ”primus inter pares” among the EA’s at Lundbeck, be a role model and a resource to help guide and support the EA’s particularly among the EM team

  • Proactively help manage the CEO’s internal and external relationships. These include work on public policy with government and trade associations. The role also includes being a culture carrier for the organization in multiple ways from small to large, e.g., take note of, capture information, and set reminders for anniversaries, birthdays and important life milestones of colleagues and external key stakeholders. Create and maintain a VIP list of people and remind the CEO when to reach out, call, email or send a thank you note.

  • Crafting occasional draft correspondence with key partners externally including international partner companies. Ensuring culturally appropriate interactions when international partner interactions happen in Denmark or outside, including choosing culturally appropriate and business compliant gifts when necessary, e.g., for our Japanese partners.

  • Order catering prior to CEO participation in meetings, video conferences and presentations.

  • Help build company culture throughout the team in a way that is engaging, sustainable, and meaningful. Help initiate and execute internal departmental communications opportunities in various formats, e.g., celebrating business milestones and employee performance recognition.

  • Support the CEO with external board commitments. Coordinate meetings and assemble all relevant materials. Build a working relationship with CEO offices in those other companies.

  • Support the CEO, EM and Board on ensuring the technology underpinning successful and smooth meeting conduct is in place and functional

  • Occasionally, facilitate a private expat range of duties, including personal aspects of the CEO’s busy life.

  • Handle the administration of the office, including completing expense reports, establishing purchase orders and reviewing/coding/approving invoices through SAP.

  • Discretion and confidentiality are critical since this role is included in all areas of the CEO’s work including the most sensitive business matters. Understanding of the external reporting rules of the company will be important. Maintain and protect business-critical confidential information.

Mindset & Competencies

  • You make sure to know the CEO’s objectives, goals, deadlines and deliverables on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. You proactively follow through behind the scenes to further these objectives.

  • You are able to grasp the big picture yet also track operational details. You gain and maintain an overview by always proactively communicating and asking questions to resolve open issues. You fill the gaps, and you can quickly re-prioritise tasks when needed.

  • You act with an execution-oriented can-do attitude and as an informed representative for the You reflect company values, culture and brand – at all levels, internally and externally. You make a strong positive impression on key contacts.

  • You have strong interpersonal and collaboration skills with the ability to manage up, down and laterally. In addition, you are assertive and, at the same time, a diplomatic and calm character, and you possess good judgment with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

  • You are organised and excellent at time and project management with clear systems and composure to deal with multiple tasks. You are open and committed to improving the status quo, and you have a natural built-in principle of continuous improvement. You ensure everything gets done on time.

  • You have a sense of urgency and attention to detail and a demonstrated ability to handle highly sensitive and confidential information with discretion.

  • You are a positive team player, flexible, resourceful and efficient, with a high level of integrity. You proactively seek opportunities to help others, and you are committed to making your colleagues successful – you contribute actively to a positive workplace culture and build strong networks in the organisation.

  • You possess intellectual curiosity and want to learn about the industry, the business and important characteristics/needs.

  • You are calm under pressure.


  • Proven 7+ years of experience as a personal/executive assistant supporting executive-level individuals in large multinational organisations.

  • Ideally, experience from a listed company or a company with high compliance standards.

  • Stellar references and a proven track record of high performance.

  • Strong presence and a confident and accommodating personality.

  • As a minimum, a bachelor’s degree.

  • Fluent in English and Danish, verbally and written. Excellent writing, editing, organisational and research skills.

  • Highly proficient in using IT tools in daily tasks and operations.

Questions about this role

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