Job Opportunity:

Executive Assistant to EVP

The Job

On behalf of our client, we are looking for a proactive and structured Executive Assistant “EA” to support an Executive Vice President of a large Nordic institution. The position is based in Copenhagen.

As EA to the EVP, you will have a unique opportunity to collaborate closely with executive leadership in a dynamic international company that fosters a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. You’ll be intricately involved in strategic decision-making processes related to the strategic areas that the EVP covers. You will have ample opportunities to develop your skills within the EA role by working alongside dedicated professionals and experts supporting the EVP’s mission to drive positive change, aligning with the company’s commitment to employee well-being and professional growth.

The role can be summarised as a hybrid assistant position and business support officer, as you will be undertaking most of the typical tasks and responsibilities that one would expect in a corporate EA position as your primary area of responsibility, supporting a high-level executive and being responsible for the daily administrative and operational and business support. In addition, you will be challenged to apply your skills to contribute by handling various tasks within the strategic resort areas of the EVP.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manage administration and operations for the EVP, i.e., providing holistic and integrated day-to-day support. Proactively solve problems with little supervision; handling the non-essential tasks and distractions that may keep the EVP from focusing on high priorities.

  • Team up, structure, and collaborate with the executive advisor team on the EVP’s deliverables to the Executive Leadership Team, the Board of Directors, and others.

  • Handle a complex calendar of appointments. Proactively review and prepare short-term and long-term. Ensure the EVP is well prepared with all materials, pre-read, and information before meetings. Analytically and proactively manage time and handle changes.

  • Proactive inbox management. Research incoming issues that need more background identify those that require urgent action and identify those that you or others can complete on the team.

  • Coordinate travel from A to Z. Ensure comprehensive preparation of all aspects, including content and logistics, are well prepared ahead of travel, meetings, and events. Be available as an emergency lifeline to support and handle travel changes.

  • Organise and attend Executive leadership team meetings in the EVP’s resort area in close collaboration with Executive Advisor and team members. Manage logistics, consolidate input, create agendas, and record action notes.

  • Keep a continuous overview of agenda items, projects and deadlines, annual cycles, and distribution of material. Review action logs from meetings to identify follow-up activities and deadlines.

  • Plan workshops, organise talent events, and arrange larger Senior Leadership events to enhance employee engagement.

  • Based on your skillset and competencies, you will either lead or actively participate in selected initiatives within the EVP’s resort area. Additionally, you will prepare external and internal presentations, and coordinate actions arising from the Global Leadership Team.

  • Initiate and execute diverse internal departmental communications opportunities, such as celebrating business milestones and recognising employee performance, in collaboration with communication partners. Be that vital “cultural and social glue” that unites a team.

  • Plan and implement business rhythm activities, including the annual wheel activities. Manage internal administrative procedures using corporate internal systems and tools with consistency, creating administrative stability.

  • Proactively help manage the EVP’s internal and external relationships. Take note of and set reminders for key dates of colleagues and external stakeholders. Create and maintain a VIP list and remind when to reach out or send a thank-you note.

  • Support the EVP on external board commitments. Coordinate meetings and assemble all relevant materials.

  • On rare occasions, facilitate personal aspects of the EVP’s busy life.

  • Handle ad hoc administration, including completing expense reports, purchase orders, and review/cost code/approve invoices.

  • Maintain and protect business-critical confidential information.

Mindset & Competencies

  • You handle all information you acquire with the strictest confidence, ensuring it is managed with the utmost discretion and trustworthiness.

  • Relentlessly structured, you know the EVP’s objectives. You proactively follow through behind the scenes in furtherance of these, and you make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You are positive and proactive – no task is too big or too small.

  • You can grasp the big picture yet track operational detail and overview. You learn this from always proactively communicating and asking questions to resolve open issues while using the information you have at hand. You fill the gaps, and you re-prioritise when needed.

  • You act with an execution-oriented can-do attitude and as an informed representative for the EVP. You reflect values, culture, and brand – at all levels, internally and externally. You make a strong positive impression on key contacts.

  • You have strong interpersonal and collaboration skills. You are assertive and have a positive, diplomatic, and calm character, with good judgment and high integrity.

  • You are a flexible, resourceful, and efficient team player. You proactively seek opportunities to help others and are committed to making your colleagues successful – you contribute actively to the positive workplace culture and build strong networks.

  • You have a natural built-in principle of continuous improvement. You ensure everything gets done on time.

  • You have a sense of urgency and understanding of the level of importance. You have attention to detail and a demonstrated ability to handle highly sensitive and confidential information with discretion.

  • You possess intelligent and intellectual curiosity in learning about the industry, the business, and characteristics/needs.


  • Proven 5+ years of experience as a personal/executive assistant supporting executive-level individuals in larger international organisations.

  • Ideally, experience from a listed company or a company with high compliance standards.

  • Stellar references and a proven track record of high performance.

  • Strong presence and a confident and accommodating personality.

  • As a minimum, a bachelor’s degree.

  • Fluency in English and knowledge of Danish, verbal and writing. Excellent writing, editing, grammatical, organisational, and research skills.

  • It savvy and proficient in applying new IT tools in daily tasks and operations, particularly within Microsoft Suite, which encompasses Outlook, Teams, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel.


Questions about this role

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