Job Opportunity:

Executive Assistant to René Redzepi, Chef & Co-Founder of NOMA🍃

Osander ApS is recruiting on behalf of NOMA

On behalf of NOMA, we are on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind individual to fill the dynamic role of Executive Assistant to René Redzepi. Here, we value uniqueness and creativity, breaking away from the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary.

Key Ingredients in Your Suitcase:

  • Skillful writing: Articulating the unsaid verbally and in writing. Craft compelling narratives and handle various communications with a pen that adapts to the pulse of innovation. Perhaps you have a background in food journalism or in the Media industry?

  • English is your mother tongue. Or you speak and write it as if it were.

  • Background in Creative Support: Have you previously played a supportive role to a creative visionary? That experience would be a valuable plus!

  • Food industry experience. Experience in the food industry, preferably at the Michelin level, would be a significant asset.

  • Flexibility is Your Middle Name: Nimble, adaptable, and ready to juggle the magical chaos of culinary creativity.

  • Transformative Skills: In an energetic, creative setting, you skillfully convert disorder into structure, fostering inspiration and innovation without stifling creativity.

  • Copenhagen Resident: Living in or relocating to the vibrant heart of Copenhagen is a must.

If you align with these criteria and are prepared for a unique journey at the intersection of culinary innovation and administrative excellence, we’d love to hear from you.

Along with your CV, send us something unconventional that showcases who you are and why you’re the perfect fit for this role. It could be a short video, a piece of writing, a culinary creation, a piece of art, or anything else that tells your story in a way words alone cannot.

What to Share and Submit to us:

  • CV: Showcase your experience and skills.

  • Creative Piece: Unfold your imagination! Please send us a piece of your creativity that reflects your personality and passion.

  • Cover Letter: Tell us about your journey, aspirations, and why Noma is the right place for your next adventure.

Questions about this role

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You cannot apply since this job offer is out of date.