Job Opportunity:

Executive Assistant to CEO

Osander ApS is recruiting an Executive Assistant to the CEO on behalf of Veo Technologies ApS.

Are you passionate about sports and tech? And would you like to join an ambitious and successful tech scale-up on an exciting growth and transformation journey working directly for the CEO & Co-Founder?

VEO has ambitious plans for 2023 and beyond, which is why the VEO team is now hiring for this critical role. This is a unique opportunity to see every aspect of a fast-growing scale-up at the executive level. In this role, you will help Henrik, the CEO, scale and function exceptionally well.

The job

The role can be summarised as a hybrid position, as you will be undertaking most of the typical tasks and responsibilities that one would expect in an EA/PA position as your primary area of responsibility. This means structuring the chaotic world of a scale-up CEO by streamlining day-to-day work, meeting preparation and follow-up.

Another crucial responsibility is to act as a liaison between the CEO and the projects running in the management team. You will ensure things don’t fall through the cracks and create systems and processes to improve effectiveness.

You will also be challenged to apply your skills to contribute directly to Veo’s growth and development by handling different projects. Potential projects will include initiatives within:

  • Internal Communication. You will partner with HR and Communication on selected communication projects.

  • Workplace-related initiatives and various transformational projects.

Your mindset

The right mindset, agility, and values are more important than a long and seasoned background as an EA/PA. We hope that you:

  • Are a natural and passionate communicator with flair and understanding for servicing and structuring a busy and entrepreneurial executive.

  • Are a culture creator with an ever-positive and flexible mindset, super-strong energy, and a can-do attitude (no job too big or too small), always seeing solutions, never seeing barriers.

  • Are analytical and self-driven and can work independently and in close collaboration with others on projects, either as a lead or a participant.

  • Have excellent communication skills. Ideally, your English is outstanding, i.e., ideally at or near the native level.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the CEO, also teaming up with Chief People Officer and the Strategy team. Manage the CEO’s administration and operations, i.e., providing holistic and integrated day-to-day support. Proactively solve problems and handle the distractions that may keep the CEO from focusing on the highest priorities.

  • Handle the CEO’s calendar of appointments. Proactively review and prepare short-term and long-term calendar management. Ensure that the CEO is well-equipped with all materials and information. Proactively manage time, changes, and deadlines.

  • Act as a liaison to the Board of Directors. Plan and manage the board meetings. Work with the Strategy team to develop and distribute board materials and arrange all logistical details, such as scheduling, invitations, locations, lodgings, speakers, food, and travel.

  • Act as a liaison between the CEO and the projects running in the Management Team. Help keep the team moving forward. Close the communication loop, send important follow-ups, circle back on conversations, filter or request more information on behalf of the CEO.

  • Prepare Management Team meetings and participate. Own, organise, consolidate input to agenda, and take action notes. Maintain an overview of agenda items, projects, deadlines, and the annual cycle. Review action logs to identify and follow up on agreed deadlines.

  • Contribute to team spirit. Be that special “cultural and social glue” and the initiator that helps hold a management team together.

  • Plan and organise functional meetings, monthly town halls, quarterly kick-offs, and leadership workshops and seminars.

  • Drive projects within the ‘CEO office’ and Internal Communication. Support and lift Communication. Help communicate a positive company culture that is engaging, sustainable, and meaningful.

  • Proactively support the CEO’s internal and external relationships. E.g., note and set reminders for key stakeholders’ anniversaries, birthdays, and important life milestones. Create and maintain a VIP list of people and remind the CEO when to reach out, call, email or send a thank you note.

  • Handle ad hoc administration, including the CEO expense reports.

  • Maintain and protect business-critical confidential information.

Mindset & Competencies

  • You make sure to know the CEO’s objectives, goals, deadlines, and deliverables daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. You proactively follow through behind the scenes in furtherance of these.

  • You grasp the big picture yet track operational detail and overview. You learn this from always proactively communicating and asking questions to resolve open issues. You fill the gaps, and you can quickly re-prioritise tasks when needed.

  • You have a sense of urgency, attention to detail, and the ability to handle sensitive and confidential information with discretion.

  • You are structured and excellent at time and project management, with systems and composure to deal with multiple tasks. Open and committed to improving the status quo with a natural built-in principle of continuous improvement.

  • You are assertive, empathetic, and diplomatic.

  • You act with an execution-oriented can-do attitude and as an informed representative for the CEO. You reflect values, culture, and brand – at all levels, internally and externally. You make a strong positive impression on key contacts.

  • You are an efficient team player with high integrity – committed to making your colleagues successful – you build strong networks in the organisation.

  • You possess intelligent and intellectual curiosity in learning about Veo’s industry, the business, and its characteristics/needs.


  • Proven 3+years of experience as a personal/executive assistant supporting executive-level individuals, ideally C-levels.

  • Experience working in a high-growth tech environment would be preferable.

  • A Tech lover – you understand tools such as Google Calendar and Slack.

  • Naturally curious and open to trying new things. You pick up on systems and processes rapidly and often find ways of improving them.

  • Stellar references, a strong presence and a confident and accommodating personality.

  • As a minimum, a bachelor’s degree.

  • Fluency in English, verbally and written. Excellent writing, editing and grammatical skills.

Questions about the role

Do you have questions about this role, please reach out to Frederikke Høg  –

You cannot apply since this job offer is out of date.